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Adventures Of Pip

Tic Toc Games
Tic Toc Games

Adventures Of Pip

Developer: Tic Toc Games
Publisher: Tic Toc Games Xbox Store: here Official Site: here Price: $14.99


Tic Toc Games side-scrolling action platformer "Adventures of Pip", will be released on Xbox One on August 21 and on PlayStation 4 on August 18 in North America. The game retails for $14.99 USD on both platforms and joins the previously released Wii U, Steam and iOS versions.

Who’s Pip? He’s the unlikely 1-pixel hero coming to save the 32-bit world. Despite being born a block and nothing more, Pip never saw his size as a disadvantage. By absorbing pixels from his fallen foes, Pip evolves into three different forms, each with its own unique abilities.

Pip’s journey to save the Pixel Kingdom’s hi-res rulers and lo-res peasants takes our hero through five stylized worlds, lush with daring obstacles and fierce monsters. Enjoy 10 hours of epic adventuring set to the tunes of the music maestro, Jake "virt" Kaufman, composer for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Bloodrayne: Betrayal, Shovel Knight. The game's concept owes its origins to the imagination of Marc Gomez, art director of A Boy and His Blob, BloodRayne: Betrayal, and animation director on Contra 4.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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