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Animal Super Squad

DoubleMoose Games
Digerati Distribution

Animal Super Squad

Following (1) Developer: DoubleMoose Games
Publisher: Digerati Distribution Xbox Store: here Price: $9.99 USD


Physics-driven adventure Animal Super Squad is coming to Xbox One early next year.

Animal Super Squad is a physics-based adventure game that lets you play as your favorite animal (if your favorite animal is either a chicken, a fish, or a sloth). Speed through a world full of dangers and bananas. Create your own levels, share them with the community, or forget all that nonsense and just play other people's stuff.

Created by DoubleMoose Games, the development studio co-founded by Goat Simulator designer Armin Ibrisagic, and already available for iOS, Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Animal Super Squad brings its unique blend of wacky acrobatics and fast-paced platforming to Xbox One.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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