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Arcade Spirits

Fiction Factory Games

Arcade Spirits

Developer: Fiction Factory Games
Publisher: PQube Xbox Store: here Official Site: here Price: $19.99


Romantic visual novel Arcade Spirits is coming to consoles next year! The romantic visual novel is set in an alternate timeline in the year 20XX, where the 1983 video game crash never occurred and arcades are still the vibrant hotspots they used to be.

What if the 1983 video game marketing crash never happened? Set in 20XX, Arcade Spirits is a romantic visual novel with a different history, where arcades still reign supreme as the ultimate place to play. After a period of turbulent employment, your character starts an exciting new job at the Funplex: a popular local arcade with a team of staff that are as eccentric as the customers.

From fierce pro-gamers and dedicated high-score chasers, to creative cosplayers and tinkering programmers, the neon lights and buzzing atmosphere of the Funplex is a welcome home to many. But where will this new-found employment opportunity take you? Who will you meet along the way? And will you finally find the romance you’ve been seeking?

Arcade Spirits launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on May 1, 2020 - but it's available to play now on Steam. Start your new job at the coolest arcade in town!

Xbox One X Enhanced
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: NO

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