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Axis Football 2021

Axis Games
Axis Games

Axis Football 2021

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Publisher: Axis Games Xbox Store: here Price: $29.99


Axis Football 2021 is back with loads of new gameplay improvements, football gaming's most complete Franchise Mode, and massive customization additions!

New In Axis Football 2021:
- Added an NFL-style league setup option for franchise mode with two conferences and four divisions each
- Added the option to select which teams will participate in your franchise
- Axis Hall of Records: track all-time team and individual leaders across a wide range of single game, season, and career stats
- A complete (NFL-style) overtime rule set complete with a coin toss.
- Touchdown and play celebrations.
- Dozens of new animations and smoother gameplay
- Field Flipping: the offense will now drive both directions on the field.
- Redesigned AI play-calling and clock management.
- Before and after play player movement (walking to and from huddle)
- Create a team feature.
- Team logo editor: choose from hundreds of stock images, then edit their colors
- Team colors editor: choose from hundreds of templates or create your own
- Team details (name, city) editor.
- Team field and endzone editor: change your field style and endzone design.
- Team playcalling strategy editor: change which types of plays are called on a variety of down and distances.
- Redesigned Uniform editor with massive customization
- Added the ability to change a player's position in the player editor
- Career Stats for players will now track all of the teams a player has been on
- Kick Returners and Punt Returners can now be set on the Depth Chart
- Added keyboard support to several on-screen keyboard screens
- Added loads of new animations for QB, linemen, runners, receivers, and defenders.
- Added logic for throwing passes to receivers before they've made their cut
- Added new stat tracking: Yards after catch, tackles for loss, kick/punt returner stats, and more!
- Separated different touchdown types (receiving, rushing, defensive) into their own stat category
- New stadiums (Arizona, Dallas, and Detroit)
- Bug fixes from previous versions

Franchise Mode Features:
- Multiple league setup options (NFL-style, Tier style)
- All-time record tracking
- Player Contracts
- Trades
- Injuries
- Practice Squads
- Free Agency
- Retiring Players
- Weekly and Yearly Awards
- Dynamic, tiered league structure with playoffs, promotions, and relegations
- Unlimited seasons
- 16 week seasons
- Player progressions based on performance, age, potential, and playtime
- End of season drafts
- Season-long team stats
- Individual league leader stats
- Franchise stats
- Depth chart control
- Play, coach, spectate, or simulate matches
- League and team schedule viewer
- Spectate other matches

Game Modes:
- Player Vs AI
- Coach Mode (1p & 2p)
- Spectator Mode
- Local Player Vs Player
- Franchise Mode

Offline Players: 2
Online Multiplayer: NO

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