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Block Tower TD

MyDreamForever, Tazdraperm
Desert Water Games LLC

Block Tower TD

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: MyDreamForever, Tazdraperm
Publisher: Desert Water Games LLC Xbox Store: here Price: $4.79


Block Tower TD is a roguelike tower defense strategy game with interesting innovations. Build a world out of blocks, choose random upgrades to make every run unique.

The world consists of blocks that you can place anywhere. Thanks to this, you will be able to think over a defense plan.

Tower locations are the most important aspect in tower defense games. This aspect becomes even more valuable in Block Tower: you can build towers on high ground, leave free blocks for resource extraction or later strong towers. In addition, all towers have an experience bar, the earlier you build it, the stronger it will be in the late game.

The order in which upgrades are chosen in each game is very important. You can choose resource-based upgrades, magic tower upgrades, or upgrades for strong early defense, which will allow you to safely move into the late game. Combined with randomly generated blocks, this gives infinite replay value.

Think over your economic strategy. Early construction of economic buildings is risky, but gives a big boost in the late game. The random location of resources in each game sets new strategic questions that you will have to answer each time.

Offline Players: 1
  • Xbox Series X|S Optimized
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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