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Button City Soccer Days

Subliminal Gaming

Button City Soccer Days

Developer: Subliminal Gaming
Publisher: Subliminal Price: $19.99


Button City Soccer Days (@ButtonCity), the cozy soccer action game infused with RPG is heading to console and PC in 2024.

Soccer season quickly approaches, inspiring Fennel to gather his friends and build a cute, mighty team. Former rivals - the Fluff Squad and the Tuff Fluffs must band together to eliminate their competitors and win the championship. Corporate greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom returns once again to thwart Fennel and stop the gang's fun by recruiting pro players from around the world to participate in the tournament.

Overcome this stiff competition by creating a customizable team, managing the roster that features individual character stats, and planning out daily activities. Help the team sprint, tackle, pass, and strike their way to triumph in cozy yet competitive matches that feature injuries and inclement weather.

Navigate themes of sportsmanship, overcoming obstacles, and corruption in this complex, heartfelt narrative. Take in the vibrantly designed environments and cheeky dialogue in this adventure invoking feelings of excitement and suspense akin to the most thrilling sports dramas.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: N/A
  • File Size: Unknown

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