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Call of the Sea

Out of the Blue
Raw Fury

Call of the Sea

Following (1) Developer: Out of the Blue
Publisher: Raw Fury Xbox Store: here Official Site: here


'Call of the Sea' announced for Xbox Series X and Xbox One, Available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Call of the Sea is an otherworldly adventure game set in the 1930s South Pacific. Explore a lush island paradise and puzzle out the secrets of a lost civilization in the hunt for your husband’s missing expedition. Play as Norah, a strong female protagonist fully voiced and played by Cissy Jones from Firewatch and Walking Dead Season One. See a world with visually stunning environments while experiencing an intelligent love story with complex yet enjoyable puzzles in a non-violent, adventure-based story.

4K: 4K Ultra HD not available on Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles.
HDR: HDR functionality available with supported games and TVs.
Xbox One X Enhanced: Enhanced features for Xbox One X subject to release of a content update.

Xbox One X EnhancedXbox One X 4K Ultra HDXbox One X HDR10
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: N/A

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