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Developer: PolarityFlow
Publisher: PolarityFlow Xbox Store: here Price: $17.99


Cryogear launches April 17th on @Xbox One! Take over control of the reprogrammed Clone G.3.4.R and explore an open sci-fi world in this unique metroidvania inspired Action RPG pixel art Platformer.

Cryogear is a unique Metroidvania inspired Pixel Art platformer, set in an open sci-fi world and driven by rewarded exploration. Control the reprogrammed clone G.3.4.R as he discovers the world, learns new abilities and unveils the mystery of the Emperor AI.

Cryogear combines a versatile platformer core with exploration, shoot 'em up and RPG elements to an entertaining new game experience. Explore a dangerous open world with over 50 areas to discover. The changing world is filled with obstacles, boss fights, different enemy types, riddles, hidden areas, minigames and loot for a unique rewarding exploration experience.

Cryogear features a full-scale RPG inventory, combined with equipment, skill and crafting systems. Switch freely between active abilities and weapons during the action, which allows dynamic, skill-based strategies for every situation. While progressing through the game, you get introduced to different new abilities, weapons, and equipment to customize your clone to match your playstyle.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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