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Fit My Cat


Fit My Cat

Developer: RedDeerGames
Publisher: RedDeerGames Xbox Store: here Price: $7.99


Imagine a cardboard box. Is it shaped to fit one to two fluffy felines? What about five? What about twenty?

Fit My Cat presents you with many cute kitties that all wish to sit where they deem fit. That being said, we're running out of space and we are seriously looking for a cat organizer. If you could spare a moment or two to make that happen we would be grateful.

Every single one of them is trained and well-equipped for some spatial management – pick them up and rotate them as you see fit.

Just so you're aware, some boxes might come with yarn balls or entire cathouses – but that will not prevent those spunky kitties from trying to get inside.

Test your skills and show the world that herding cats is where fun begins!

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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