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Fossilfuel 2

DangerousBob Studio LLC
DangerousBob Studio LLC

Fossilfuel 2

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: DangerousBob Studio LLC
Publisher: DangerousBob Studio LLC Xbox Store: here


Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and get ready for the ultimate Jurassic survival horror experience. Load your shotgun and put those dinos back where they belong—in the ground!

Return to the Sierra Research Facility, now overrun by dinosaurs in the Alaskan wilderness. Assume the role of Jack Allen, the point man of PMC Alpha, a team of mercenaries assigned to unravel the mystery behind the dinosaur outbreak.

Gameplay and Features:
Fossilfuel 2 boasts a diverse array of terrifying dinosaurs, from Utahraptor to Spinosaurus. Survive using your wits, strategically utilizing items and weapons found along the way. The game offers multipath gameplay, allowing players to make choices that dynamically shape the narrative, leading to multiple endings based on their actions. Additionally, enjoy RPG elements such as in-game shops and item collections to level up your character and achievements. Can you conquer nature and survive?

Horde Mode:
Fossilfuel 2 introduces a challenging horde mode, where players can push their skills to the limit and unlock achievements.

Multiple Endings:
Player actions matter. Progress through the game, and your decisions will influence its course. Fossilfuel 2 adapts to your playstyle and choices, ensuring significant replay value with multiple endings across 6 to 10 hours of gameplay.

Play as a Raptor:
Experience Raptor gameplay, enabling players to take control of a Velociraptor. Sneak through vents and corridors to eliminate human intruders, turning the tables on the survival dynamic.

Primal Mode:
The adventure doesn't end after beating the game. Unlock Primal Mode, where Fossilfuel 2 transforms from a survival horror game into an action-packed experience. Start with the best weapons, face doubled and buffed enemies with new challenges, as the developers throw everything at you!

Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: NO

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