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Gears 5 - Operation 8

The Coalition
Xbox Game Studios

Gears 5 - Operation 8

Developer: The Coalition
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios Xbox Store: here Official Site: here


This add-on (DLC) works with: Gears 5


Gears 5 Operation 8 Update Patch Notes

The Gnasher will no longer have brighter muzzle flashes on the 2 v 2 Allfather Arena map.
Players will now receive appropriate penalties for continuing to disband Competitive lobbies.
We’ve removing the ability to see the PC Icon in Public lobbies across Gears 5, this icon will stay in for Custom matches to help maintain esports integrity.
We’ve added an option to add a delay to the expression wheel appearing, this can be toggled from instantly to 5 seconds which should help prevent accidental openings of the wheel while in combat.
You can now toggle off the option to “Yank” a player over cover, sometimes a player will accidentally try to yank while trying to revive a DBNO player against cover which will help prevent this issue from occurring.
A confirmation prompt has been added to the restart round option in custom matches.
Addressed an issue that resulted in Hivebuster Mac not displaying a blue team shader when viewed from distance.
We have updated the Scoreboard to provide more meaningful stats across the board for viewers and players.
Execution/Warzone: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, First Bloods, Revives.
KOTH/Control: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, OBJ Kills (any player you kill inside the objective.), Caps/Breaks.
TDM/Dodgeball: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak (this is your current kill streak but will reset at the end of each round or if you die.), Revives.
Guardian: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Leader Kills, Revives.
Escalation: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Kill Streak, Caps/Breaks.
Gridiron/Capture the Flag: Kill/Death/Assist, Damage Done, Touchdowns, Denials.
We’ve made the following changes to competitive mode scoring:
Players who are playing solo will now get a 25% boost to their score at the end of a competitive match (up from 15%)
Players will now receive 5,000 points for a victory in all team-based competitive modes.
A voiceline is no longer played when killing an ally held by a meatshield.

Players will no longer have an invisible weapon when revived in specific circumstances in PvE.

The Relic Weapons have now been moved into the “minimal” Gears 5 install; this addresses an issue with users crashing when loading Atrium.
An exploit which allowed players to force all enemies to spawn in a specific location in Turbine has been fixed.
Abyss no longer appears twice in the Horde Frenzy stats section.
An issue with a door on the Trap Hive has now been addressed.
Hoffman will now correctly call out a Warden when he marks it.
Flame Grenadiers and Palace Guards will no longer fire their weapons while feared.
Players will no longer continue to take damage from the poison puddles mutator at the end of a Horde wave.
Lambent enemies will now have an outline when a Marksman uses their X-Ray ability.
Rebuilding the Fabricator will now correctly cost 4,000 power.
Sires will now move when targeting a Decoy.

The Embar is now centralised in the weapon’s customization screen.
To address a crash, players are now unable to use Jack’s abilities while in a vehicle in the Campaign.
A specific cover has had its collision heightened in Training Grounds to prevent you jumping over it.
The Chalkboard skin has now been restored to the correct version.
The Made you Flinch expression now uses the correct Card image.
Hivebuster Mac’s ponytail should no longer behave oddly.
A Level of Detail issue on the door inside the Cafe on Ephyra has now been addressed.
An issue that resulted in the chatbox not working for some users has been addressed.

Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: N/A

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