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Ghost Blade HD

HuCast Games

Ghost Blade HD

Developer: HuCast Games
Publisher: 2Dream Xbox Store: here Official Site: here Price: $9.99


Ghost Blade HD is an intense Bullet-Hell top down shoot 'em up, composed by frenetic and addictive score-based gameplay. With its inspiration going back to the shooting games of the 1990s era, Ghost Blade HD ties old memories to current tones and techniques. Designed with a modern graphic style and special effects, Ghost Blade HD also features an awesome 2-player mode! Ghost Blade HD is easy to learn, hard to master.

Game Features:

  • Beautiful, detailed HD Graphics
  • 5 Stages with HUGE Boss Enemies with 3 difficulty levels
  • 3 Player battle ships with different gun types
  • Arcade-style gameplay and addictive scoring system
  • 2-player local co-op mode and online Leaderboards
  • 37 Trophies/Achievements

Offline Players: 2
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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