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Iron Harvest

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King Art Games' real-time strategy Iron Harvest is coming to Xbox One and PS4!

Set in an alternate 1920s, mankind has invented powerful walking machines through their fascination with technology. Following the Great War these once powerful machines are now part of everyday life. The Saxony Empire in Europe is one of the most powerful nations exerting tremendous influence in industry with highly developed cities, modern manufacturing and a strong military ethic. The Polania Republic struggles to keep itself whole with its agricultural rich lands still subject to partial occupation as they seek to modernise their military. Rusviet continues its industrial domination backed by a rising but war weary population that is growing tired of Tsar Nikolaj's rule. A new conflict is on the horizon and heroes will lead squads of soldiers and machines of war into battle once again across Europe. Battles are set in open sandbox maps with cover mechanics and dynamic destruction reshaping the battlefield.

Iron Harvest releases June 24, 2021

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: N/A
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