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JoJo Siwa: Worldwide Party

Cocodrilo Dog
Outright Games

JoJo Siwa: Worldwide Party

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
Developer: Cocodrilo Dog
Publisher: Outright Games Xbox Store: here Price: $39.99


Hey, Siwanatorz - You’re invited to JoJo Siwa’s worldwide party! Play through the rhythmic world of JoJo Siwa as she travels around her fantasy lands in this single player amazing popstar adventure runner. So, lace up your ‘High Top Shoes’ and run through JoJo's worlds listening along to her biggest hits, including ‘D.R.E.AM’, ‘Bop’, and ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ Can you match the rhythm at every performance and make the crowd go wild?

Help JoJo make it on stage in time for her Worldwide Party! Run, jump, and ride awesome vehicles including Spaceships, Jet Skis and even a Roller Coaster Cart to get JoJo to the party just in time!

Collect all the items you need for an unforgettable party, including glitter and, of course, bows, to progress through the levels! Find gift boxes on each level to unlock dress up outfits that you’ll recognize from JoJo’s tour and wardrobe. Explore all this in 10 brand new lands straight from JoJo’s imagination including the sweet Candyland, the pawsome BowBowland with JoJo’s best pup pal, Rainbowland and many more.

Level up in JoJo Siwa’s very own video game to become the ‘#1U’, with ‘Nonstop!’ fun in this single player adventure-runner, where you can take the stage to perform as your favorite popstar icon, to all the hits!

Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: NO

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