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Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Luminawesome Games Ltd
Wired Productions

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles

Following (0) Developer: Luminawesome Games Ltd
Publisher: Wired Productions Xbox Store: here Price: $19.99


Meet Lumote, the squishiest bioluminescent creature, in this beautiful 3D puzzle platformer. Take control of the world’s inhabitants on a quest into the Great Depths to seize control from the Mastermote.

Squish, bop and bounce through the Great Depths, an underwater world filled with Motes; bioluminescent creatures who spend their lives deep in the Bioverse, living on the rhythms of an electronica soundscape. Lumote is a Mote different from others; inquisitive, and with an "eye" on power. When the shift causes the Great Depths to turn red, Lumote sets out on an epic quest to return the world to blue. To do so, Lumote must learn to take control of the Great Depths inhabitants and gain mastery of it's puzzles in order to defeat the greatest Mote of them all… the Mastermote!

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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