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Moving Out

SMG Studios
Team17 Digital

Moving Out

Developer: SMG Studios
Publisher: Team17 Digital Xbox Store: here Price: $24.99


Moving Out sees players relocating furnishings in increasingly bizarre locations in a fast-paced furniture moving simulator that brings new meaning to ‘couch co-op’. Grab a friend (or up to three) and jump into some multiplayer removals fun in Moving Out – once we fish the mattress out of the pool, that is. The town of Packmore awaits, and its inhabitants need to move ASAP. Luckily for them, the friendly Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians (F.A.R.Ts) from the newly established ‘Smooth Moves’ removal company are eager to help and participate in the back-breaking labour.

Featuring a wide range of inclusive character customisation options ranging from hijabs to glasses and wheelchairs, players are able to truly live out their furniture removal dreams in a style that perfectly represents them. For players who would just like an extra helping hand, there are options to ensure everybody can enjoy the game equally. A wide variety of accessibility features are open for use, including but not limited to; increased time limits, dyslexia-friendly text, keyboard rebinding on PC, the ability to skip levels and a sliding scale for the user interface size.

Moving Out will be available at selected retailers in a physical edition, and available digitally on all platforms on April 28th.

Xbox One X EnhancedXbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 2-4
Online Multiplayer: NO

Moving Out Achievements
Moving Out DLC
  • Moving Out: Movers In Paradise

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