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Natsuki Chronicles

Qute Corporation
Qute Corporation

Natsuki Chronicles

Following (7) Developer: Qute Corporation
Publisher: Qute Corporation Xbox Store: here Price: $42.49


Dramatic side-scrolling shoot 'em up, "Natsuki Chronicles", releases December 25th.

You play as Natsuki, and carry out the missions! Do you believe her past or future? A wide variety of equipment can be found throughout the game, making for added replay value as players add to their collection. You can mix and match equipment with different properties! "Bullet Trajectory Display" function, You can check the direction of enemy bullets!

Natsuki Chronicles shares its setting with Ginga Force, but features a different set of characters. You can experience new chronicles of the pioneers who arrive on Seventier.

Xbox One X EnhancedXbox One X 4K Ultra HD
Offline Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: NO

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