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Project Spark: Seph the Sorcerer

Team Dakota
Microsoft Game Studios

Project Spark: Seph the Sorcerer

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Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Xbox Store: here


This add-on (DLC) works with: Project Spark


Unlock this content pack to acquire the CHAMPION – SEPH THE SORCERER!

The story of Seph: SEPH was born in a small reclusive village on the edge of Kora to a family once believed to have been gifted powerful magical abilities by the ancient masters. These powers were rumored to be passed down from one generation to the next, but this gift became more and more rare over time and eventually died out completely. Despite being dozens of generations since the last known Sorcerer, the family and village Elders guarded the secrets of Sorcery in the hopes that the power would one day return. From a very young age, odd thing always seemed to happen around Seph (especially when Seph became excited or upset), but these incidents were kept secret until one fateful day.

Whilst playing in the woods together, his friend fell into a sinkhole. With no training or indication of his powers, and without regard for his own safety, Seph jumped into the sinkhole. Unable to climb out, the young Seph gathered his courage and confidence and led his friend through a derelict cave filled with perils until they came upon a cave-in blocking their exit. Upset, out of options, and left to perish in the cavern, Seph’s emotions resulted in an unexpected blast of power crumbling the thick rock and creating a path to safety. Once the Elders had heard of this deed, they insisted Seph be trained in the ways of the Sorcerer. While the Elders were elated that a Sorcerer had returned to the bloodline, the rest of the village was fearful of Seph’s unexpected power. Frustrated by the discipline and methods the Elders insisted Seph adhere to, he rebelled against the Elder’s training and began to explore these powers on his own. As he grew stronger and more confident, the Elders leaned heavily on Seph’s family to force him back into training as they became as fearful as the rest of the village that Seph’s power was not under his control. As his powers grew, Seph eventually grew concerned for the burden he placed on his family for defying training. Alas, he yearned for adventures and challenges his village could not provide. Seph left a magical scroll saying goodbye, leaving under the shroud of the night, vowing to return one day after going on great adventures and returning the most powerful and heroic Sorcerer in all of Kora’s history.

Features include:
- BUILD and SHARE games and Crossroads adventures that star SEPH
- Create games that let players LEVEL UP as SEPH
- Customize characters in the Character Studio with new OUTFITS Play:
- As SEPH, perform powerful ARCANE MAGIC
- Use BLINK spell to teleport around the battlefield
- CROSSROADS: Defeat enemies and complete quests to LEVEL UP
- COMMUNITY GAMES: Play and LEVEL UP in community created games that star SEPH
- Unlock NEW SKILLS and GALLERY CONTENT as Seph’s level increases
- Unlock CHARACTER STUDIO CONTENT as Seph’s level increases

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: N/A

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