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Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Lazy Bear Games
tinyBuild Games

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Following (1) Developer: Lazy Bear Games
Publisher: tinyBuild Games


You’ve spent 20 long years living in the confines of your overbearing mothers garage, your father mysteriously vanished before you were born. But hey, you had plenty of time to work out and dream about the wonders of the world. Sucks to be you though, people eat slime, corruption is rife and everyone wants to fight you… But maybe you can find your father and become the ‘dark fist’ people whisper about, somehow you could actually be humanity's savior, the one who uncovers the super secret secrets of the Goodness Corporation… Or not. It’s a choose your own adventure, stay in the garage if you want.

Punch, kick and cheat your way through, if you want. Becoming the best damn fighter aint easy, it takes time, dedication, dollars and training! Increase your stats and techniques, plan your match and create your own incredibly awesome school of fighting! Sounds better than losing and everyone laughing at you. Whilst nothing beats good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears, neuro training and illegal software sure sound tempting. Even if there is a slight risk you’ll be exposed as a fraud and your last brain cell will pack up and leave.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO
  • File Size: Unknown

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