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Rain World: Downpour

Akupara Games

Rain World: Downpour

Developer: Videocult
Publisher: Akupara Games Xbox Store: here Price: $14.99


This add-on (DLC) works with: Rain World


Return to the unwavering wild in Downpour, where you explore new, harsh lands and survive new predators. As time passed, the slugcat has evolved. With five variants of the species - take advantage of various skills that they possess and explore their own personal tales.

The expansion also includes challenging one-time scenarios, a randomizer featuring complex quests to complete, and local co-op support! For players looking test their limits in Challenge Mode or players looking for a chill experience in Safari Mode, Rain World: Downpour features something new for every player! Optional additional mechanical additions allow for a new spin on the Rain World experience – tutorialized hints, alternate routing options, a new map system, handy collectibles tracker for storyline completion, and many more.

Offline Players: 2-4
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

Rain World: Downpour Achievements
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