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Two Point Campus: Space Academy

Two Point Studios

Two Point Campus: Space Academy

Developer: Two Point Studios
Publisher: SEGA Xbox Store: here Price: $9.99


This add-on (DLC) works with: Two Point Campus


Welcome aboard space cadets, as we boldly go to Two Point County’s Space Academy!

The Two Point space program is far, far away from its golden years, when rockets lit up the news and astronauts were semi-famous, like B-list actors you don't even recognise. And now the County has opened the doors to its fledgling Space Academy, Two Point needs your help on the front-lines of galactic defence, inter-dimensional diplomacy, promoting the space industry and preparing the County for foreign life. The aliens are coming; look busy.

We’ve also discovered a cluster of those cheesy space rocks caught in the County's orbit. So we need you to set up Two Point's first out-of-County campus, source alien students from all around the galaxy, and teach them everything we know about us. Conditions may be harsh out here, but we're sitting on a gold mine.

So dust off your moon boots, set phasers to fun, and get your students to reach for the stars… and their wallets.

3 new campus locations
6 new courses with fully animated classrooms
6 new student archetypes
3 new events
1 new club
And lots of new items


Universe City – Revitalise the County's interest in outer space, one small step at a time.

Cape Shrapnull – Take over Two Point's recently founded Space Academy and prepare for contact with aliens.

Cheesy Heap – Attract students from across the galaxy to learn on the surface of a massive space rock.


Astrology - A field unconstrained by gravity and common sense.
Cosmic Expansion - Use the latest aeronautical advances to build pointy space cars.
Space Academy - Become confident in space from the comfort of wherever this is.
Space Knight School - A nomadic offshoot of traditional (land-based) knighthood.
Cheese Moongery - No one wants to see how the cheese is made.
Humanities - Alien students are tired of the hearsay, they want unfiltered, tepid humanity straight from the tap.

• New Time Tourism Club - the latest invention from Captain Yesterday provides curious students all the entertainment of a school trip in the blink of an eye.
• New events including Sci-fi Conventions, Space Battles and an out of this world gig act.

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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