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Warstone TD Gold Edition

Battlecruiser Games
DX Gameworks LLC

Warstone TD Gold Edition

Developer: Battlecruiser Games
Publisher: DX Gameworks LLC Xbox Store: here Price: $14.99


Warstone TD Gold Edition launches on August 17th.

Warstone is a Tower Defense game with RPG elements, strategy and city building. A dreaded chieftain is assembling an army intent on taking over the kingdom. Villagers cry out for a hero, help them to rise up against the forces of this feared villain.

Construct buildings to strengthen your village, train your army and equip your allies. Look for key-assistance in other villages, such as dwarves, amazons, and witches. With their help and the strengthening of your army, lead missions, defeat the invaders and make the region a safe place again. We are stronger together!

Unlike regular Tower Defense games, Warstone TD has a unique method of summoning defenders (towers represented by player’s allies and army). You start a mission with a fairly empty map and a few stones where you can place defenders. As the level progresses, more stones appear and some even drop from enemies, allowing you to place them in any valid position on the map. Powerful warstones also occasionally appear, which give significant bonuses to specific defenders when placed on them.

You can summon any of the army's base classes on the stones. Each base class has its own specialization path, type of damage, gold cost, and special abilities. With such a variety of defenders and gameplay classes, there's a huge amount of tactics, further increasing replayability!

Join the fight today in Warstone TD!

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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