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Looks like the xbox one uses a standard SATA II 2.5-in HDD which can easily be replaced with a larger capacity HDD if you do not mind voiding the warranty by opening the console, You will need to ghost the contents from old drive to your new drive, but hell, While you are at it, why the hell not replace the HDD with a SSD? and watch your game load times vanish.
Check out this tear down of the Xbox One, the heat sink actually looks like a decent cooler, not like the little chunk of aluminum in the 360. I guess they did not want to go through that again.

So who here is going to be the first to water cool and SSD their Xbox One?

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Yes some good news! Only problem is that SSD is hard to get ones bigger than 500GB like the standard sata one already included in the xboxone. Well, one could opt for the SSHD Hybrid drives and get speed and size at the same time

X1 has a flash of some sorts too. Not sure of the significance of that but it's probably what allows the instant switching and loading of the OS(s) between games and so on.

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I watched a youtube vid just last night which compared the loading times of games with a SSD installed, i cant for the life of me find it. lol. Have a search on YouTube for SSD Xbox One.. I've had the pleasure of spending say the last 3-4 hours playing ghosts and Battlefield (OMG its great!).. Xbox One is very nice.. You just plug any HDMI video/audio input into the HDMI in and it allows you to pin a TV program or whatever on the side of your game.. The other feature which loads of guys will like that won't want to buy a capture card is the record the last five minutes of your gameplay etc.. It's nice, you have an epic game so you hit save last five minutes or you do it more than once.

I did end up getting a dud kinect sensor, it wont power up at all or be recognized, but the Xbox One works online just fine without it, only app i wanted to use was the new app called "UPLOAD" which lets you edit and upload your saved gameplays, it wont work unless you plug in Kinect.. bugger..

It's going to take everyone a while to get used to the new Xbox Dashboard UI, Its very similar but not quite. When you hit the dashboard button now it keeps your game running but in a windows sorta like picture in picture, while you choose to pin things like your party, Game DVDR Record etc. Then you click on the PIP (picture in picture) window and your back in the game. I bet you will all love it, i do.

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