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BF4: Unlocking the "Phantom Bow" Xbox One Gameplay on XboxONE-HQ.COM
BF4: Unlocking the "Phantom Bow" Xbox One Gameplay
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BF4: Unlocking the "Phantom Bow" Xbox One Gameplay
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Watch as I finally pick up the "Phantom Bow", a brand new weapon now available in the fifth and final expansion pack (DLC) for Battlefield 4 titled "Final Stand". Before you can attempt to get your own Phantom Bow you need to complete a number of Phantom Prospect assignments so you can unlock all of the special camo required to make it into the room without exploding.

To activate the secret elevator there must be four soldiers wearing "Phantom" camoflauge on their soldier, primary weapon, and secondary weapon (handgun). Each soldier also needs to be wearing one of four unique dogtags which you need to collect on the new Final Stand maps. It doesn't matter how many guys are in the elevator, if they do not have the correct setup they will explode.

Once you have activated the elevator and are facing the Phantom Bow you will then need to enter the secret Phantom keypad code: 1290-429-397648-970

In this video, we had the elevator activated pretty quick but it still took us all quite a while to get the code entered.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you don't enter the code fast enough a buzzer will sound and you need to start from scratch. I hope this tip helps someone. Smile

Thanks must go out to [RAT]Kruel t 1 and [DOGZ]HQ Hairy Ballz for being in the video and to [RAT]Kruel t 1 for entering the code fast enough.

Battlefield 4 Unlocking the Phantom Bow Xbox One Gameplay HD 1080p

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