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Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headphones on XboxONE-HQ.COM
Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headphones
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Astro A50 vs Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headphones
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I recently purchased a brand new pair of ASTRO A50 headphones for Xbox One and Windows 10 and was very very disappointed, especially after paying just under $500 AUD for them.

After spending quite a few hours downloading and configuring my new ASTRO headset via software for the PC (the only way to configure the headset), and spending the next 2 days testing them out and changing settings while chatting with friends, the headset stopped working. WTF!! My new pair of $500 ASTRO 7.1 wireless headphones for Xbox One only lasted a little over 48 hours. I thought maybe I hadn't placed them back on the flimsy charger, which never seems to connect properly, but nope, they were DEAD! The power on the headset would just not turn back on.. I tried to reset the headset, recharge the battery and reinstall the software but from what I could tell the battery had failed and the headset could no longer be detected.. Sad what a joke.

I did some research online and it seemed there were 100's of people with the same problem as me. Over the 48 hour period that they worked I had my own problems.. Sometimes, I would have to flick the XBOX/PC switch so the headset would start working again.. The ASTRO's also had no mute button, so I had to move the boom back in the resting position for mute to be active.. What a pain. Sad

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the very next day I returned my faulty ASTRO's and got a full refund. The exact same day I went and purchased a pair of "Turtle Beach Elite 800X" for around $450 AUD (nearly $50 cheaper). The new Elite 800X's came with an extended 3 year warranty and the headset feels so much more comfortable. It feels and looks like a sports car compared to the ASTRO's.. The charger stand actually works as it should and to top it all off, you can configure absolutely everything from the headset.

If I was you, I'd be buying a pair of Turtle Beach no matter which model you choose!

Which Xbox One headset are you currently using??

TURTLE BEACH Elite 800X Wireless Headphones for Xbox One
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ASTRO A50 Wireless Headphones for Xbox One
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