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Battlefield 1 Rolls Out New Platoon Feature on CTE on XboxONE-HQ.COM
Battlefield 1 Rolls Out New Platoon Feature on CTE
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Battlefield 1 Rolls Out New Platoon Feature on CTE
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Platoons/Clans have been added to the CTE and will be making their way to the full game in an upcoming patch.

"Platoons have been rolled out onto Battlefield 1's Community Test Environment today, and DICE is looking for feedback on the new feature. The Platoon feature allows you to create a clan, essentially, and coordinate with your Battlefield 1 gaming community. In addition, you can represent your Platoon with a unique tag, link private servers for Platoon use, set a detailed emblem, and implement Platoon ranks. Here's all the information about the current Battlefield 1 Platoon Beta program.

battlefield 1 platoon feature

Creating a Platoon

Any Battlefield 1 player should be able to create a Platoon. At the moment there are no level requirements to skill requirements to create one. However, there can only be one General within a Platoon, and the creator will start with that rank to begin with.

Managing Your Platoon


Names can range from three to 24 characters and are not exclusive, meaning there may be duplicate names for Platoons. Some Platoon names will be restricted, and will have to pass the profanity filter.


Tags can range from one to four alpha-numerical characters. Just as with names, tags are not exclusive and some tags may be restricted or simply not pass the profanity filter.


Descriptions are optional and can be up to 256 characters. You can use this to describe your Platoon however you see fit. Again, a profanity filter may restrict some words.


You can choose an emblem for the Platoon from your own personal Emblem gallery. The emblem will then be “copied” to the Platoon, meaning that if you later update your own emblem, it’s not automatically reflected in the Platoon emblem. You must then update the Platoon emblem.

Access Type

This selection type defines how other players join your Platoon.

DICE is testing three different access types that you can change at any time:

Open: Anyone can join the Platoon instantly.
Apply-to-Join: Anyone can apply and Platoon members with permissions can accept or reject applications.
Closed: No one can join the Platoon while in this state.
It’s always possible to change any of these values or settings at any time, as long as the Platoon member has permission to modify it.



This is the highest Platoon rank, and there can only be one General in the Platoon at any one time. The creator of the Platoon will initially start at this rank, but can transfer the rank to another player.

Generals have access to everything, including the option to change name, tag, description, and disband the Platoon.

Note: You must transfer the General rank to another player if you want to leave the Platoon.


Colonel is the second-highest rank and has access to most Platoon management tools, such as editing the description, emblem, as well as the access type. For most situations, Colonels can step in for the General when he's offline.


The Lieutenant is the lowest level rank that maintains management abilities. Lieutenants are able to accept or reject Platoon applications if the Platoon is set to “Apply-to-Join." They are also able to link Rented Servers to the Platoon.


Private is the initial rank any new member is placed in when joining a Platoon. The rank doesn’t give you access to anything other than being able to represent the Platoon and join other members playing Battlefield 1.


You'll be able to promote, demote, or kick another Platoon member that is at least one rank lower than your own. However, you can only promote a member up to one rank below yours.

Rank permissions also always stack, so if you’re promoted you have the same access as before and any new permissions you may have gained from the new rank.

Finding and Joining a Platoon

In the “Find Platoon” section, you may get a list of recommended Platoons to join. These recommendations are currently based on other Platoons that your friends are representing and that you are not already a member of.

We currently employ limitations of 100 members per Platoon – if your group is more than 100 people, we suggest you create more Platoons with the same name, tag, emblem and description – and you can at max be a member of 10 Platoons. This includes pending applications; if you are a member of 8 Platoons and have 2 Platoons with pending applications to join, you will not be able to join or apply for any other Platoon unless you leave a Platoon or cancel an application.

Increasing these limits are something we will consider going forward.

Representing and Playing with Your Platoon

You can always only represent one Platoon at any given time, though you can also choose not to represent any. You should retain your membership and rank in the Platoon regardless of representation.

When you represent a Platoon, their tag will automatically be displayed in front of your name and their emblem will automatically override your personal emblem.

Besides having the tag and emblem, if you fill up a squad with other players that represent the same Platoon, the squad will automatically be renamed to the Platoon’s name. So if I’m representing the DICE Platoon, and get into a squad with four other players that also represent DICE, our squad will now be called – you guessed it – DICE.

Furthermore, if your represented Platoon contributed the most to a Flag Capture, a pennant carrying your Platoon emblem will be shown on the flag pole. More bragging rights for you!

One of our primary focus areas has also been to more easily facilitate playing together in groups, so we’ve added the ability to always see where your Platoon is playing and join them. A recommendation to join a Platoon that’s playing may be shown already on the Battlefield 1 home area, but as soon as you go into Platoons itself, you’ll be able to see all the different servers where your Platoon mates are playing, across all Platoons.

The Platoon feature is only available within Battlefield 1's Community Test Environment for now, but should make its way onto the live servers across all platforms.

Westie explains the new Platoon system here:

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