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Daggerhood boxart for Xbox One


Daggerhood has set his sights on stealing the King’s gold and armed with a dagger he can throw and reclaim by teleporting to its current position, he’s going to need your help! It’s only stealing if you get caught. Every man should have a sk..

Platform: Xbox One

February 20, 2019

Gravity Duck boxart for Xbox One

Gravity Duck

Have you ever wanted to be rich? What if you could become rich and control gravity!?This duck can with your help! Flip, dodge, and traverse mind-bending gravity puzzles in 140 levels in order to grab all the eggs to return to the Maui statue! Need to..

Platform: Xbox One

August 14, 2019

Infestor boxart for Xbox One


Welcome to Human Colony 31-5B! Playing Infestor you are a cute little green space alien invading your way across the colony. However since there are many physical obstacles in your way, you must gain control of the human inhabitants and use their pow..

Platform: Xbox One

May 07, 2021

League of Evil boxart for Xbox One

League of Evil

League of Evil is an action game where you, as a bionic super agent take on the mission to defeat the League of Evil. League of Evil arrives on September 19. Use your acrobatic skills to punch your way through levels filled with deadly traps and defe..

Platform: Xbox One

September 19, 2018

Random Heroes: Gold Edition boxart for Xbox One

Random Heroes: Gold Edition

The Earth is being invaded by terrifying aliens! It’s up to you and a bunch of random heroes to save the day and stop the invasion! Shoot and jump your way through over 108 levels to stop the alien menace and bring peace to the planet. Will you be ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 1, 2020

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