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Sunward Games

Sunward Games

Founded in 2010, Sunward Games is an independent video game development studio.

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Company Details
Company Name Sunward Games

Games developed by Sunward Games

Endless Fables: Dark Moor boxart for Xbox One

Endless Fables: Dark Moor

Pamela Cavendish, the world-famous anthropologist, travels to her niece's birthday in northern Scotland. Joyful ceremony turns into thrilling adventure, after the girl becomes kidnapped by a banshee from the other world. Nora's life is at stake and t..

Platform: Xbox One

June 19, 2020

Endless Fables: Shadow Within boxart for Xbox One

Endless Fables: Shadow Within

Famous anthropologist Pamela Cavendish goes back to her hometown to face a tragedy from her childhood. When her friend - Hans - was kidnapped by a nightmarish figure no one believed her. Years later, brave and steadfast, Pamela has a chance to make t..

Platform: Xbox One

September 3, 2021

The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom boxart for Xbox One

The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom

The Buried Kingdom in on the verge of collapse. Maintaining the balance between peace and chaos has become almost impossible, as the dragons start to behave unpredictably. Who is behind all the magic anomalies? Embark on a journey to the hidden wo..

Platform: Xbox One

September 18, 2020

The Secret Order: Shadow Breach boxart for Xbox One

The Secret Order: Shadow Breach

Join Sarah, a member of the order of the griffins, in her biggest and most challenging adventure. The mysterious dragon clan has unearthed an item of a past long forgotten and now the mystery hidden within this relic threatens to devour the world as ..

Platform: Xbox One

March 20, 2020

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