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Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo

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Games developed by Puppet Combo

Murder House boxart for Xbox One

Murder House

A news crew breaks into the old abandoned home of an executed serial killer Anthony Smith, planning to shoot a salacious haunted house story. But is the notorious Easter Ripper really dead or is he waiting inside, ready to wipe them out one by one? W..

Platform: Xbox One

October 15, 2021

Stay Out of the House boxart for Xbox One

Stay Out of the House

The smack of a hammer... your head lands hard on the dirty linoleum floor... a maniac drags you up the stairs and cages you like an animal! You have three days until the reckoning... Welcome to the home of THE BUTCHER. Welcome to YOUR new home. Wh..

Platform: Xbox One

June 16, 2023

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