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Trainwreck Studios

Trainwreck Studios

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Company Name Trainwreck Studios

Games developed by Trainwreck Studios

Animal Lover boxart for Xbox One

Animal Lover

Animal Lover is a comedic triumph of a visual novel. Evil forces have turned these five hunky beefcake time-displaced boys into animals! You've got to help cure them and maybe even fall in love along the way! Help Edmund, Frankie, Kyle, Miguel, and C..

Platform: Xbox One

February 22, 2023

Nowhere Girl boxart for Xbox One

Nowhere Girl

After getting sad-drunk with a biker-wizard, you, the protagonist of our story, have woken up with a ghost in your bed! Her ghostly tail is chained to your leg and she's just as scared as you are! You can shake and rattle and yell and kick and scream..

Platform: Xbox One

October 27, 2021

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