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Frightence boxart for Xbox One


Frighthence is a short, intense first-person horror experience. You are the janitor who works at the infamous Apartment #17, which is the seed of many eeire tales and bloodcurdling urban legends... The apartment recently got an eviction notice and to..

Platform: Xbox One

March 9, 2022

NeonLore boxart for Xbox One


Free form exploration game 'NeonLore' is coming to XboxOne, Xbox Series X and S, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch on April 20th 2022. In NeonLore you will solve puzzles and encounter various characters and learn about their past life, dreams, and f..

Platform: Xbox One

April 20, 2022

NightGhast boxart for Xbox One


NIGHTGHAST is a first-person horror game about wicked witches and sinister widows... "I have received an invitation from a widow named Mildred Bartgis, who resides in the countryside. She claims that her house became haunted after her divorce. She..

Platform: Xbox One

June 21, 2024

Venatrix boxart for Xbox One


Venatrix is a unique hybrid of action-packed and stealth-based horror game. We choose to play as either Matthew Kolth, an occult obsessed paranormal investigator, into nightmarish scenes to fight perturbing monsters from ghastly realms, or as Della H..

Platform: Xbox One

September 22, 2023

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