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Klei Entertainment / Blitworks

Klei Entertainment / Blitworks

Company Details
Company Name Klei Entertainment / Blitworks

Games developed by Klei Entertainment / Blitworks

Don't Starve Together boxart for Xbox One

Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together: Console Edition is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising wilderness survival game, Don't Starve: Giant Edition. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gat..

Platform: Xbox One

September 13, 2017

Don't Starve: Giant Edition boxart for Xbox One

Don't Starve: Giant Edition

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must l..

Platform: Xbox One

August 26, 2015

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