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Eastasiasoft Limited, Khud0

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Eastasiasoft Limited, Khud0

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Company Name Eastasiasoft Limited, Khud0

Games developed by Eastasiasoft Limited, Khud0

Blow & Fly boxart for Xbox One

Blow & Fly

Propel yourself through the air with a blast of water and roll your way to freedom! Take the role of a blowfish and explore physics-based puzzles that require you to move and aim in tandem. Your owner's naughty son destroyed your aquarium, and now..

Platform: Xbox One

May 25, 2022

Maggie the Magnet boxart for Xbox One

Maggie the Magnet

Use the powers of gravity and magnetic attraction to fling yourself across the laboratory and solve puzzles! There's nothing Maggie loves more than scientific experiments! She's an animated magnet, capable of turning her magnetic powers on and off..

Platform: Xbox One

September 14, 2022

RunBean Galactic boxart for Xbox One

RunBean Galactic

Run, jump and roll your way to a new high score as hazards and bonuses pop up all around the planet! Step into the shoes of RunBean, an astronaut who landed on a hazardous planet that tries its best to kill the intruder! Try to delay your inevitab..

Platform: Xbox One

March 29, 2023

Turret Rampage boxart for Xbox One

Turret Rampage

Defeat waves of subterranean invaders using quick-thinking strategy in a mix of tower defense and shoot’em up action! Defend humanity from subterranean monsters as the last standing turret! Turret Rampage is a shoot'em up game with tower defense..

Platform: Xbox One

January 31, 2024

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