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Company Name SneakyBox
Twitter @SneakyBox
Headquarters Kaunas, Lithuania

Games developed by SneakyBox

Berzerk: Recharged boxart for Xbox One

Berzerk: Recharged

Chicken, fight like a robot! Evil Otto and his deadly robots are back in this reimagining of the 1980 arcade classic Berzerk. Berzerk: Recharged challenges you to fight your way through a deadly maze filled with waves of menacing, vocal robots. Deft ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 9, 2023

Caverns of Mars: Recharged boxart for Xbox One

Caverns of Mars: Recharged

Caverns of Mars: Recharged takes the easy, addictive appeal of the original game and adds more caverns, more challenges, more weapons, modern graphics and leaderboards. And it would not be a Recharged title without an amazing new original soundtrack...

Platform: Xbox One

March 9, 2023

Days of Doom boxart for Xbox One

Days of Doom

The apocalypse wasn’t the end of the world. Just the one we knew. Enter the Days of Doom, a post-apocalyptic tactical RPG roguelite that challenges players to reach Sanctuary, a place of promise and respite in a world of colorful chaos. Starting wi..

Platform: Xbox One

September 21, 2023

Quantum: Recharged boxart for Xbox One

Quantum: Recharged

Over 40 years since its arcade debut, Quantum: Recharged warps the classic arcade title with modern flourishes that have become a staple among the Recharged series. Defeat waves of enemies using your ship to circle around them and create a punishing ..

Platform: Xbox One

August 17, 2023

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