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Exalted Studio

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Exalted Studio

At Exalted Studio, we blend skill with imagination to craft games that delight and inspire players worldwide. We're not just a studio; we're a small crew of about a dozen people, a family that loves to laugh, dream, and create together. Join us on this playful journey to make the world a bit more fun, one game at a time!

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Company Details
Company Name Exalted Studio
Twitter @ExaltedStudio
Headquarters Montpellier, France

Games developed by Exalted Studio

Big Helmet Heroes boxart for Xbox Series

Big Helmet Heroes

Step into the world of "Big Helmet Heroes," a cinematic 3D beat'em up adventure that combines stunning visuals, movie-quality animations, and exhilarating action. Join adorable knights on a quest across fantastical realms. Play with a friend in two-p..

Platform: Xbox Series


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