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'Raging Justice' Is Out Now On Xbox One

'Raging Justice' Is Out Now On Xbox One

Published: Monday, May 07, 2018Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

'Raging Justice', a classic beat-’em-up game by ex-Rare developer MakinGames, is now available on Xbox One.

Raging Justice Is Now Available For Xbox One

Raging Justice is a modern game born of a classic era. With online multiplayer, stylistic stop-motion effect HD graphics, and bombastic soundtrack, Raging Justice doesn’t hold back.

In a city held to ransom by a mysterious crime lord, two maverick cops, Nikki Rage and Rick Justice, fight to prove that no-one is above the law. Whether you dare to take on the criminal world alone, or enlist a friend in a co-op attack, Raging Justice delivers a multitude of ways to defeat your enemies. As you are smashing through a bar fight with a bar stool, mowing down enemies on a lawnmower, or battling terrifying bosses, you can choose to play as good cop or bad cop. Will you arrest the criminals, or pummel them to the ground? The path you choose has consequences and leads to alternate endings.

Published by Team17, Raging Justice is available for digital download via the Xbox Store, priced at $14.99 / € 12,99 / £9.99 / $17.25 AU.

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