The Fisherman - Fishing Planet Xbox One Digital Pre-order And Pre-download Is Available Now

The Fisherman - Fishing Planet Xbox One Digital Pre-order And Pre-download Is Available Now

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The Fisherman - Fishing Planet is now available for digital pre-order and pre-download On Xbox One. The gold standard for fishing games, now available in a complete version with no microtransactions!

The Fisherman Fishing Planet

Experience all the fun of the sport and hone your skills in single-player or multiplayer mode. Exclusive content includes the new map of Creuse in France, the trolling technique, four new fish species and two motorboats.

The Fisherman - Fishing Planet faithfully adapts all the fine details of the art of fishing to gaming screens. Players can try out several types of fishing and attempt to catch over 100 species of fish, whose artificial intelligence is based on the real behaviour of each species. There are also 19 different fishing areas in the premium version, featuring lake and river environments with varied terrain, vegetation and seasons. As for equipment, the game allows for thousands of tackle combinations. Each element includes its own physics and unique hydrodynamic properties.


  • 43 species of fish with true-to-life behaviours
  • 19 different environments in the United States and Europe
  • 4 different fishing techniques
  • Over 1,000 different fishing tackle products with unique properties
  • Dynamic weather, a day/night cycle and different seasons

Preorder The Fisherman - Fishing Planet to receive the Predator Boat Pack, which includes the BattleTaurus motorboat and a selection of camouflage gear, and the Trophy Catch Pack with a collection of incredible rods and reels for catching trophies.

The Fisherman - Fishing Planet will be available October 15, 2019 in North America and October 17, 2019 everywhere else. The game is priced at $39.99, £49.99, €59.99, AU$91.45

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Digital Pre-order: here
Price: $39.99, £49.99, €59.99, AU$91.45

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