Apple Arcade just got a lot cheaper

Apple Arcade just got a lot cheaper

Published: Monday, January 13, 2020

When Apple launched the Apple Arcade in September 2019, a new world of gaming was unveiled to gamers all around the world. Many favourites from the past were revitalised in modern spec, mixing elements of past gaming with modern technology and graphics.

Pac-Man Wild Edition

Games involving some of our favourite characters and past-times; Sonic, Lego and Pac-Man were made available right at our fingertips. Such are the strength of these vintage titles, that many have now been re-purposed with modernised technology meaning the 3x5 game matrix has been set up with neon lighting, and encompasses bold 8-bit symbols throughout the slot experience. Furthermore, Sonic has been modernised and delivered in 3D, and Lego has joined forces with Star Wars to create a masterful collaborative brand. The bet365 bonus code can be used in order to support the future success of these games, with gaming set to continue to advance for years to come.

Lego joining hands with Star Wars features 36 story mode levels, over 120 characters, lego style ganeplay and dynamic control systems. The player is able to alternate between the normal version of the game, as well as a touch screen control, depending on their personal gameplay preference.

Some of these games also lend themselves to multiplayer functions. Sonic Racing is perfect for multiplayer races, much like we have seen with Mario Kart on Nintendo. However, the advantage with Apple Arcade is that you don’t require a console to play it. Across all Apple devices, the excitement is right in the palm of your hand. Could Pac-Man Battle Royale make an appearance in the Apple world in the future? The reincarnation of the original classic Pac-Man to involve up to four players has been a huge hit; with the repurposing as a slot mentioned above, seeing increasing interest in this old favourite.

Sonic Racing Screenshot

There were many other titles to compliment these classics and Apple Arcade now has over 100 games on the platform.

The allure of gaming on handheld devices is nothing new, even more so in modern day society where data is more accessible and available in mass. iPhones and iPads have replaced newspapers and magazines and people of all ages are now found playing games, doing sudokus or crosswords on their portable electronic devices. But what has caught more people’s imagination recently is the price change for Apple Arcade subscription. In a move that is likely to appeal to many current users as well as interested parties not currently gaming with Apple Arcade, Apple decided to introduce an annual subscription fee in December 2019 costing $49.99 to run alongside the original $4.99 per month. For what users receive on the Apple Arcade platform, $4.99 is already very affordable but Apple have given users and potential users even more reason to get involved. Another bonus Apple is offering is a year’s free subscription for those who purchase an Apple gadget.

It seems to be a philosophy Apple are implementing across their other services too with Apple TV Plus and Apple Music also available at affordable and competitive prices. The annual and monthly costs for Apple Arcade are mirrored in the subscription fees for Apple TV Plus, with customers saving money for long-term commitment. Apple Music for the individual can be purchased at a slightly higher price of $9.99 per month or if you want to use Apple Music with other members of your family, you can pay $14.99. And college students get an even cheaper rate at $4.99 per month. At first glance though, you wouldn’t be criticised for questioning whether this investment is worth it. But Apple make it worth your while. With Family Sharing, a whole new realm of fun with others is opened up. This sharing function not only saves lots of money, but it also allows up to six family members to share music that each individual has purchased. With Apple Arcade, Family Sharing also allows up to six family members to enjoy the delights Arcade has to offer simultaneously since each app is downloaded individually onto each person’s phone. To date, Arcade only offers single player games but there are rumours that multiplayer games will be hitting the games gallery very shortly and with a possible six players able to play at a time, there is even more fun to be had battling against family members, friends or other people online.

Apple are creating an exciting mix of old classics and new hits in their gaming portfolio and are offering customers incredibly affordable prices and offers to get involved in the arcade action.

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