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Null Drifter now available for Xbox One and PS4

Null Drifter now available for Xbox One and PS4

Published: Wednesday, April 08, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

1BIT LO-FI twin-stick shooter Null Drifter is now available for Xbox One and PS4.

Null Drifter

Blast into a 1-bit lo-fi simulation that will gradually train your skills up to become the ultimate space-fighter pilot! Secretly part of the Project Starship world, this twin-stick shooter is designed to prepare pilots for their mission against the awakened forces of the void. By slowly introducing new challenges and more frenetic battles, the Null Drifter simulation will push the limits of any pilot to the next level!

Null Drifter is available on XBOX ONE and PS4 for $4.99, €4.99, £4.19, AU$7.45. (Get 20% off for a limited time)

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Xbox Store: here
File Size: 282 MB
Price: $4.99, €4.99, £4.19, AU$7.45

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