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Shred 2 Ft Sam Pilgrim releases April 29th; Xbox One version reviewed

Shred 2 Ft Sam Pilgrim releases April 29th; Xbox One version reviewed

Published: Thursday, April 23, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Pre-order, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Shred 2 lets players ride as Mountain Bike legend Sam Pilgrim, and use the advanced trick system to bust out insane combos in over 40 hand crafted levels. Shred 2 launches April 29 - Check out our Xbox One review!

Shred 2 Ft Sam Pilgrim is coming to Xbox One on April 29th; Xbox One version reviewed

ASBO Interactive's Shred 2 is an extremely fun and family friendly game that offers 40 different levels to play through and a whole bunch of cool tricks to master using the advanced trick system. After beating a few levels, I was really starting to love it. The game features an insane amount of different tricks like 360s, front flips, backflips, riding your bike backwards, front and back wheelies, and you can even jump smaller items.

The game weigns in at just under 3 GB so it doesn't eat up a lot storage space either. Even though the game reminded me a lot of the Trials series, I believe that Shred 2 is almost better because you can customize your mountain bike with any color you want and change the size as well so you can have everything completely custom. It's the small things you notice with this title.

Shred 2 is now one of my Top 5 biking games. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun family friendly game to play. The graphics on Xbox One are nice and clean, the game runs smooth and there are some pretty funny sound effects as well.

I would love to see the game get future content updates because I really feel like this is one of the best mountain biking games out there. Hopefully the developers will add more custom levels and tricks in the future. Fingers crossed!

Even though Shred 2 Ft Sam Pilgrim is a very in-expensive game, it's well worth a look. Shred 2 Ft Sam Pilgrim gets 4.5 out of 5 stars! If you are looking for a cheap very fun game to play I would highly suggest that you check it out!

Shred! 2 will be available for Xbox One on April 29, 2020 for $11.99, €11,99, £9.99, AU$17.95. The game is available to pre-order now!

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File Size: 2.62 GB

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