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Team 17's Flockers Is Now Available for Xbox One

Team 17's Flockers Is Now Available for Xbox One

Published: Friday, September 19, 2014Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Flockers, Team 17's modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre with a generous helping of dark humour for good measure, is now available for Xbox One via the Xbox Games Store.

Held in captivity within the evil thrall of their diabolical masters the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom. But without your guidance they are destined to die in the most horrific ways as they follow each other into diabolical traps, giant meat cleavers, spikes and other deadly obstacles.

Check out the official launch trailer for Flockers!

Flockers weighs in at 5.86 GB and it's priced at $24.99 USD. For more information on Flockers, please browse through all of XONE-HQ's coverage via our Xbox One Games database and don't forget to subscribe via Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Size: 5.86 GB
Price: $24.99 USD
Xbox Games Store: here
Xbox One Games: Flockers

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