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Next Gen Wars - Series X Puts One Foot Forward

Next Gen Wars - Series X Puts One Foot Forward

Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2020Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One

It’s no surprise that the console wars are already heating up somewhat - despite the disruptions amongst the global pandemic the holiday season is still quickly approaching and with that the two newest releases from Sony and Microsoft - both have already announced cross compatibility with older titles from previous consoles, and to some the Series X may be taking the lead as rumours that it may be more affordable have already surfaced, but it seems the next Microsoft flagship console may have taken a step ahead with two recent announcements with features that may give the console the edge. This website is likely to see a vast number of punters looking to get involved in different forms of online gambling on the upcoming events, which are likely to prove popular.

Next Gen Wars - Series X Puts One Foot Forward

Retroactive HDR - One of the announced features would be the Series X would add HDR support to some older games - the announcement stated that the HDR reconstruction technique would be handled by the platform itself and therefore have zero impact on the performance. This means that both the original Xbox titles and Xbox 360 titles developed before HDR had been introduced could benefit from the tech - good news for the nostalgia fiends as these games will now look better than ever.

Although not all previous titles will be able to run due to outdated architecture, it has also been announced that many of these backwards compatible titles will also run much faster as they can be stored on the NVME SSD that sits at the core of the console further improving the experience for players.

Improved frame rate and performance - Along with the retroactive HDR, the storage option through SSD will improve the performance for both older and newer games, and the improved technology will also provide some games with a higher framerate. This falls in line with the update to the console allowing the newest games to start running at 60 frames per second on console - double that of previous releases which would only run at 30 - with some even being able to run rates up to 120 frames per second - a huge performance jump. Whilst this may not directly translate over to older games, on the titles that are able to use this performance jump, users will experience some buttery smooth gameplay, especially if combined with a display that can utilise a higher refresh rate in line with the increased frames.

There’s no doubt still plenty of features to be announced too - from both consoles. Although E3 had to be unfortunately cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus, fans are at least able to get snippets of information around what we can expect from these next gen consoles. Now there may not be much else to do other than wait as fans gear up for the release schedule during the holiday season at the end of the year - perhaps there’s still plenty of time to sway the minds of the die hard fans, but both offerings are looking particularly good and showing some much needed improved features over previous devices.

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