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Dungeons 3: Complete Collection Is Available Now

Dungeons 3: Complete Collection Is Available Now

Published: Friday, June 26, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Dungeons 3: Complete Collection, the ultimate edition of the latest installment in the popular Dungeons series of strategy games, is available now for Xbox One!

Dungeons 3: Complete Collection Is Available Now

In Dungeons 3, the Dungeon Lord has successfully united the forces of evil and established the roots of his dark empire, leading him to the next step in his diabolical quest: expansion! Through enticing the dark elf priestess Thalya from the fluffy clutches of the surface world to become his chief lieutenant, the Dungeon Lord has found a way to direct his campaign of conquest from the confines of his underground lair. With Thalya on the front line, and the united forces of evil to support her, players will have to use every trick in the book to best those do-gooders of the overworld, once and for all!

The collection includes the base game, several free content updates and seven expansion packs! • Experience the critically acclaimed dungeon manager in its full glory with unforgettable characters in an epic tale of the everlasting fight between Good & Evil! • Contains expansion packs “Once Upon a Time”, “Evil of the Caribbean”, “Lord of the Kings”, “Clash of Gods”, “An Unexpected DLC”, “Famous Last Words” and a new skirmish map pack as well as several free content updates. • Size does matter: A total number of 50+ missions and more than 50 hours of playtime, randomly generated maps, a brand-new co-op mode for two players, competitive multiplayer, more rooms & monsters, and more unique abilities. • Speak (no) evil: The fan-favourite Dungeons narrator is back with his unmistakable voice, continuing the Dungeons legacy in the best way possible.

Developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso, "Dungeons 3: Complete Collection" is available digitally for $39.99, €39.99, £34.99, AU$59.95.

Xbox Store: here
File Size: 6.26 GB
Price: $39.99, €39.99, £34.99, AU$59.95

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