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Hunting Simulator 2 launches today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Hunting Simulator 2 launches today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Published: Tuesday, June 30, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Hunting Simulator 2 (@Hunting Sim) is now available for digital download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Hunting Simulator 2 launches today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

It's open season! With your hunting dog by your side, explore the Texan desert and forests of Colorado and Europe as you track down 33 animal species. Choose your gear from over 160 official weapons, accessories and clothing items (including Browning, Winchester and Bushnell).• Explore the plains of Colorado, the Texan desert and the forests of Europe in vast open worlds. • Track down 33 animal species in their natural environment by using the best hunting techniques. • Hunt animals with realistic behaviours and advanced artificial intelligence. • Use your hunting dog to track your prey. Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer and Beagle, each dog has its specific hunting attributes. • Kit yourself out with over 160 weapons, accessories and clothing items from the best brands, including Browning, Winchester, Bushnell, Kryptek and Verney-Carron.

Developed by Neopica and published by Big Ben Interactive, "Hunting Simulator 2" can be purchased for $49.99 / £49.99 / €59.99 / AU$89.95.

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Xbox Store: here
File Size: 16.18 GB
Price: $49.99, £49.99, €59.99, AU$89.95

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