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Pixel adventure “One Dog Story” is now available for digital pre-order on Xbox

Pixel adventure “One Dog Story” is now available for digital pre-order on Xbox

Published: Wednesday, July 08, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Pre-order, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Pixel adventure game One Dog Story is now available for digital pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One.

One Dog Story

In One Dog Story, you wake up in an underground laboratory, once again free after a horrific accident. You have no idea who you are or how you got there, but don’t worry—you aren’t alone. As you play your way through the game, all sorts of other creatures living in this strange underground world will help you piece together your memories. But don’t let your guard down! The path to the truth is also littered with insidious and ruthless monsters.

Still, you’re far from helpless. Unique experiments augmented your canine intellect to the point that you can use weapons and equipment, not to mention your ability to solve puzzles. Get ready for epic battles with bosses. Prepare to explore this expansive game world and its many secrets and mysteries. Where you actually end up depends in large measure on you. You have tough decisions ahead, and you’ll have to live with their consequences. As we all know, all that is secret will one day see the light of day. Are you daring enough to follow the path to its bitter end and learn the truth about yourself and this daunting world?

Developed by Big Way Games, "One Dog Story" arrives on July 13, 2020 for Xbox One and is available for digital pre-order and pre-load right now.

Xbox Store: here
File Size: 1.65 GB
Price: $14.99, €14.99, £12.49, AU$22.95

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