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WarriOrb Is Available Now On Xbox One

WarriOrb Is Available Now On Xbox One

Published: Monday, August 10, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Store

WarriOrb is now available for digital download on via the Microsoft Store for Xbox One.


Demons! Giants! Mutants! A talking Ball with hybrid limbs?! WarriOrb is an action platformer where you play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body! Make your way through the ravaged world to regain your freedom and sanity – meeting demons, giants, mutants and all sorts of magical and crazy creatures along the way. The game includes 68 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore.

Developed by Not Yet, WarriOrb is available to purchase from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One for $12.99 / €12,99 / AU$19.95.

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