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Want To Ace In The Age Old Ludo? Here Are The Skills You Need To Have While Playing The Game

Want To Ace In The Age Old Ludo? Here Are The Skills You Need To Have While Playing The Game

Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020Tagged: Gaming

Ludo is a modern version game of the royal game which was once known as Pachisi. Earlier, kings and queens would play the game between them ,and it was often a source of refreshment. As expected, there were a set of traditional rules which would guide the players throughout it.

Want To Ace In The Age Old Ludo? Here Are The Skills You Need To Have While Playing The Game

Today, the same game has evolved and become popular as ‘Ludo wala game’. It is available to play not only on the board but also on digital platforms where you can enjoy it with your friends and family. You can choose any medium of your choice and plan to play with them at any time.

Often, people wonder what the way to ace this age-old game is! After all, it is quite unpredictable and sometimes, the player who seems to be losing from the start ends up winning it. This reason alone gets some people excited to play the game while deterring a few others.

So, is there any way around the traditional rules of the game? Are there any special skills which you can use to get your way around it? Let us find out.

Essential Tips And Tricks To Ace The Game Of Ludo

Give Some Thought To Opening The Pieces Judiciously

Some players make the mistake of opening only one or two pieces at a time. Then, they keep playing with them, completely neglecting the other pieces which are not yet open. This is the biggest mistake which you could make in a game like this.

As soon as you get the chance, make sure that you open your pieces one by one. Often, by chance, you may not get the number to open your piece, and you may get stuck in the game. This will leave you with fewer options to progress, while others continue to reach the end.

You can always move around as many pieces as you like once they are open. But to do that, you will need to get them open first.

Avoid Running A Single Piece At A Time

Some players make the mistake of running a single piece all the time with every turn of the dice. This is not advisable and something you should avoid if you want to get a chance to win the game. To really get a grab of the best strategic position on the board, you should try to keep your pieces scattered at different locations.

This will give you a chance to cut pieces of other players and probably make a run for the winning spot. With every opportunity, try to move your pieces such that they reach different positions on the board.

Don’t Miss A Chance To Kill The Opponent

You may be playing with a dear friend or a family member, and this may incline you not to cut their piece. But that would be a mistake which would cost you a great deal of fun and a chance at winning the game. Whenever you get a chance to cut a piece, make sure to go for the kill.

Moreover, if you have followed the point above, it will not be difficult for you to get more chances to cut off a piece either. So basically, when you get the chance, which should be easy if you are playing the game right, you should try getting your opponents' pieces off the tracks.

Adopt Gameplay Right From The Beginning

When playing Ludo championship, you have the option to choose an aggressive approach or go for victory. When you start the game, you should decide which way you are going to play. An aggressive game strategy would mean that you will cut off as many opponent pieces as you can.

Otherwise, if your idea of playing the game is to win it at any cost, then you can try to play safe and move your pieces in the safest manner possible without getting your piece cut by an opponent.

Don’t Rush With Your Moves

Even while you are playing a game aggressively, it is not a good idea to get your pieces cut at every turn. Sometimes, it can be important to save a token instead of rushing to cut every piece of your opponent and getting your piece cut in the process. Play with ambition, but do not forget to be cautious as one bad move can ruin all your progress so far.

Employ The Right Tactics

There are few times when you should adjust your gaming strategy if you want to win. For example, if your piece is close to home and you have the chance to cut an opponent’s piece, you should instead aim to get home. Another way to keep your pieces’ safe is that you should move a piece close to the beginning if you do not get a higher number on the dice.

Another idea is to move pieces closer to the beginning on any small roll of the dice. When you get a higher number, you can use it to move a piece which is closer to home. And in case all your pieces are near the home stage, and you get a small number on the dice, you should move the piece which is least risky.

Always try to keep your pieces in the safe house whenever you get the chance. This will need some mindful moves and checking each possibility with all the four pieces. With the right tactics, you should win this game with ease.

In Conclusion

Playing Ludo is as much about the right tactics and gameplay as it is about having fun and adventure. It is a universal game which keeps friends and family hooked. Also, the most exciting element of the game is the fact that anyone can play it, no matter what their age may be.

Although it is a game to enjoy even without any strong winning motives, it does not hurt to play with few and try and win it. If that is what you are in for, then this game will be a rewarding way for you to spend your time. Remember to keep the tactics mentioned above in mind while doing so as they can give the game a fun twist.

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