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Metroidvania puzzle game 'Supraland' out now on Xbox One and included with Xbox Game Pass

Metroidvania puzzle game 'Supraland' out now on Xbox One and included with Xbox Game Pass

Published: Thursday, October 22, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store,

Supraland is now available for Xbox One and included with Xbox Game Pass.

Supraland is the ultimate "sandbox" adventure and offers players a fresh take on puzzles, exploration, and adventure! Embark on a valiant quest to save your toy village in the hit first-person open-world puzzle platformer! Roam and explore a huge interconnected world. Unlock powerful new abilities and combine them to overcome imaginative puzzles or uncover shrouded secrets. Defeat charging hordes in fast, frenetic first-person combat as you battle your way towards an audience with the Blue King.

Supraland Features

  • 12–25 hours of open-world puzzle, action and platformer gameplay
  • A grand adventure in a tiny "sandbox", with rewarding exploration gameplay and hundreds of secrets to discover
  • Discover exciting upgrades and unlock a wide range of game-changing weapons and abilities
  • Family-friendly visuals combined with countless crafty puzzles

Supraland Digital Download

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Microsoft Store: here
Price: $19.99, €19.99, £16.74, AU$29.95

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