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How to Easily Find Gaming Cheats

How to Easily Find Gaming Cheats

Published: Monday, December 28, 2020Tagged: Gaming

Video gamers have, since the very first video game, been looking for cheats, hacks, and ways to exploit the game and come out on top. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can find gaming cheats. Cheating in video games is a norm now and something everybody who plays games has done at least once, or more than once.

How to Easily Find Gaming Cheats

Video game cheats are just part of the gaming experience. Some game companies do not like this, however, and make it difficult for a person to play their games with cheats. An example of this is Rockstar Games with their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2. The company wrote a code into the game that prevented gamers from being able to save or progress in the game once cheats had been activated. Very few companies, however, do this.

In this article, we will tell you how you can easily find gaming cheats.

Dedicated Cheat Code Websites

The first place to mention, and the first place most people will look, is on a dedicated cheat code website. You need only bring up one of these websites, key in the game you want to find cheats for on the search bar, and voila. While on this site we will not give you any websites directly, we’re sure you can find them yourself. Cheat code websites are the best place to look and they should be your first point-of-call when you are searching for cheats for a video game that you want to play.

Video Streaming Platforms

Some developers, rather than releasing cheats to the public in a blog post, release them on their videos. Additionally, you may also find shortcuts and alternative styles of gaming by watching streamers play specific video games. People who play video games quite a lot will have likely found exploits and ways to beat the system. By watching gamers live stream, you will see their techniques, cheats, and exploits. This is a good way to find some for yourself so that you can trump your opponents every time you play video games.

Old Magazines, Books, and Journals

The days of the video gaming magazine are ancient history. Some do exist, but on the whole, they are not as popular as they once were in this author’s youth. Instead, video gamers all go online to find out what they need about their favorite games now. However, there was a time where you could open up a video gaming magazine and find a long list of cheat codes and tips and tricks. If you can track down old gaming magazines, you may find forgotten cheat codes for your favorite games. You can probably find them online [magazines].

Gaming Forums

Gaming forums are a good place to find cheat codes, too. You can likely find out about secret cheats and exploitations on these forums from experienced gamers. Gaming forums are a fantastic place to look – but do remember – a lot of gamers can be quite hostile toward cheaters, even though they themselves probably cheat. We live in an age of exaggerated nostalgia, where gamers want to play games ‘the good old way’. Gaming forums, still, can be a good place to find cheats, if you can avoid the try-hard gamers who will try to make you feel bad.

Exploitative Playing

Another way to find cheats, while not necessarily codes, is through exploitative playing. You can find cheats by playing the game and specifically looking for hacks, cheats, and exploits. You do this by constantly playing the same game area and searching it with a fine-toothed comb for anything that will give you an advantage or that will allow you to get into a secret, hidden areas of the game. At the very least, you may find easter eggs [which are secrets included in the game by the developers designed to be found by gamers].

Ask Your Friends

Finally, you could try asking your friends. The great thing about having friends is that they can tell you things you didn’t know, and you can tell them some things too. If your friends are avid gamers, they’re definitely the right people to ask about cheats, although they may know cheats that could get you in trouble. You may find out cheats that you never knew existed, and they might too. Asking your friends should be either the first thing you do – or the last. Be careful that they do not have you on, though, as friends quite enjoy getting rises out of us and tricking us into thinking they have found the ultimate cheats.

On this page, we hope to have told you a few places where you can find gaming cheats. Cheating on video games is a given, it is unavoidable, and it will likely never go away. Knowing where to find cheats is important if you like to play with them.

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