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SHING! is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and physical on January 21

SHING! is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and physical on January 21

Published: Thursday, January 14, 2021Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Indie games studio Mass Creation has announced that their action packed side-scrolling beat-em up arcade game SHING! will launch on Jan. 21, 2021, for Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, along with Japanese premiere at the same day.


SHING! delivers a classic beat'em up adventure true to what fans love about the genre while adding a few twists of its own. Pull off angled combos, counters, aerials, parries and more in fast-paced, freestyle combat with a unique control system built around the right analog stick. Your party of wisecracking ninja warriors each have their own strengths, and you can swap between them in an instant to chain attacks, revive allies, or strategically bank power-ups for upcoming bosses or challenge rooms.

The game will be available on both platforms in digital version for 19.99 EUR/USD and will contain all the adjustments already released (Secret boss, alternative control scheme and many more). The Nintendo Switch version will have a special offer. From January 13th game will be available in pre-order with -25% discount. For all owners of Corridor Z on Nintendo Switch, there is a second promotion created by the studio. For 7 days from the game launch, all players, who owns Corridor Z will be able to buy Shing! with -10% discount.

Mass Creation also teamed up with Pixel Heart to create physical version of the title. Game will be available for Nintendo Switch, and PS4 in regular and Exclusive Limited Edition. Prices are 29.90/39.90 EUR for PS4 version, and 34.90/44.90 EUR for Nintendo Switch version. Game is scheduled for release in 2021, but it is already available for pre-order at

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